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How to analyze sales data with pivot tables

Sales analysis is performed with historical sales data to get insights about trends; usually this is comparison of one time period to comparable period in the past: year-over-year or month-over-month sales, sales this month compared with the same month last year. With sales analysis you can answer on questions like:

SeekTable turns your sales data (transactions, orders) into sales analysis report that shows the trends by product type, region, or time period. With pivot table you can determine both opportunities and potential problems. If you didn’t meet your sales goal, you can drill down to sales of a specific product or location to see what exactly is stopping you.

You can check Northwind DB demo to get some examples of sales data reports.

How to perform sales trend analysis:

  1. Export sales data to CSV. Most payments providers and e-commerce solutions have this function:
    How do I download my PayPal transaction history?
    open "Balance History" and click on "Export" button
    use Billing Activity Download wizard (Reports section)
    use "Export" link: exporting data how-to
    use "Export" button on the "Orders" page: Export orders to CSV
    use "SQL Manager" to run SQL query and export results to CSV, or use addons

    If your sales data is stored in SQL database and it is accessible from internet you can use it as a data source directly.

  2. Upload CSV file into your SeekTable account.

  3. Create sales reports by time periods, product type, location. Choose metrics like "sum" and "average".