Self-hosted SeekTable setup

You can install and run SeekTable on-premise with docker:

You can run self-hosted SeekTable in cloud from AWS marketplace.

  1. Ensure that docker is installed. If not: Docker CE setup instructions.
  2. Ensure that docker-compose (or analog) is installed. If not: Docker Compose setup instructions.
  3. Download SeekTable configuration for docker-compose: docker-compose.tar.gz (and extract the files):
    $ wget -P ./
    tar xf docker-compose.tar.gz
  4. Edit docker-compose.seektable.env file to configure app base URL and other self-hosted SeekTable system settings.
  5. Ensure that server's firewall allows incoming connections for ports 80 and 5200.
  6. Run the following command:
    $ sudo docker-compose up
  7. Now you can open http://your_server_hostname_or_ip/ and create accounts in your local SeekTable installation.
    If your installation is accessible from internet you may configure NGINX as reverse proxy and enable HTTPS (this is optional).
Upgrade: to refresh downloaded images run $ sudo docker-compose pull, or use docker pull command for all SeekTable images (listed below). It is recommended to use latest version of docker images published on Docker Hub.
Scale notice: standard version of self-hosted SeekTable uses Sqlite and not designed for multiple containers (replicas) per service. If you are interested in the high-availability version that supports horizontal scale please contact us.

In case of any complications or questions please contact

Usage conditions

SeekTable installation uses 2 docker images:

This is main SeekTable web application. You can use this image for FREE with the following conditions:
  • installation should be used/accessed only by employees/customers of your company; you cannot make it public (accessible for everyone).
  • usage of modified image is prohibited (changes in any application files including css/js etc)
  • if you use installation more than 14 days you need to inform us about it: provide company details, contact email, number of installations to

You can change usage conditions or unlock additional SeekTable features with paid subscriptions.

FREE with trial notices/limitations
$499/year per deployment

PivotData microservice is a reporting engine used by SeekTable (both products have the same owner). It is available as separate commercial product that requires per-deployment license key, but when used as part of self-hosted SeekTable special usage conditions are applicable:

  • PivotData microservice that runs in trial mode (without a license key) can be used for any period of time in production use.
  • You cannot use PivotData microservice as a separate product (call its web API directly).
  • In trial mode notices are shown in reports and some limitations are applied on the reports size (you'll get an appropriate error if you reach them). You can hide these notices / remove report size limitations by purchasing PivotData microservice license key for your deployment.

Paid subscriptions for self-hosted SeekTable additional features

System/users admin Administrator role for one or several accounts. Administrator can:
  • add/update/delete user accounts, login-as-user
  • restore account data from XML backup
  • enable "admin" role for any number of users
  • system setup: disable public sign-up (users can be added only by admin), disable self-delete for user accounts, disable file upload / add cube for non-admins
$499 / year
White-label mode
Requires: system admin
Use your company logo/brand instead of SeekTable, hide "Generated by" and "Powered by" notices in app/exports/shared reports, hide links to website, set custom footer content for emails and PDF export, customize SeekTable app visual styles by adding your own CSS. $499 / year
Single sign-on (SSO) Ability to setup SSO with WS-Federation (Active Directory with ADFS, Azure Directory etc). Support of SAML2 or custom SSO flow may be added upon request. $499 / year
Team sharing Team owner role for high-powered user(s) who is creating the data and sharing it with others. Team owner can:
  • manage team members
  • share cubes/reports to team members with access control
Only user who creates and shares cubes/reports need to have a paid subscription; viewers are usual free accounts. Number of 'viewers' in the team is not limited.
For self-hosted SeekTable it is possible to activate team owner role for unlimited number of users with a fixed price.
$25 / month / user
when billed anually
Advanced publishing/embedding Ability to use advanced features for reports published to web (public link view):
  • interactive report view: pagination (for pivot tables), sort by labels/values, inputs for parameters
  • enable exports (PDF, CSV, Excel etc), extend export limit for rows
  • customize styles with CSS rules
  • apply report parameters and refresh report from host webpage without IFRAME reload
  • auto refresh report every N minutes
Only user who creates and publishes the reports need to have a paid subcription. There are no any limitations on the number of 'viewers' (in case of enourmous traffic we'll contact you).
For self-hosted SeekTable it is possible to activate advanced publishing/embedding for unlimited number of users with fixed price.
$25 / month / user
when billed anually
Commercial Support It is possible to purchase special support packages if you (or your company) need guaranteed help with SeekTable deployment, setup or troubleshooting. Request pricing

Request 14 Day Trial