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Yandex ClickHouse connection for pivot table reports

ClickHouse can be used as a data source with SQL-compatible database connector.

Connection String example:

Note: SeekTable connects to ClickHouse with binary protocol (like "clickhouse-client").
Host Specifies the host name of the machine on which the ClickHouse is running.
Do not use "localhost" or LAN server name; use only public IP address or server's domain name.
Database The ClickHouse database to connect to.
BufferSize TCP client receive buffer size. Default value is 1024 which may be to small if you need to load thousands of rows for your reports.
User The username to connect with.
Password The password to connect with.
Compress if true compression is used for packets sent between SeekTable and ClickHouse server.

Looking for an embedded solution? Try PivotData microservice which can be seamlessly integrated into any web application for pivot tables generation by ClickHouse with simple web API.