White Label Mode

White-labeling settings are available for self-hosted SeekTable with an active "white-label mode" subscription. If you want to evaluate it before purchase you can request a free 14-day trial.

With these settings you can re-brand SeekTable app and make it a seamless part of your own internal systems - this might be especially important if you embed SeekTable reports into your web app with iframes:

SeekTable white-label mode settings

How to change SeekTable app color

By default SeekTable uses dark-green color for main-action buttons, left and top menu. You can change this color to match your company's logo or brand color by adding this CSS rule into Custom App CSS:

:root {
--st-color: #0d8f6a;

Note that published reports use separate CSS, so you might want to add it into Custom Public Report CSS too ("Public Report Page" tab).

How to add a timestamp to PDF exports

In addition to the logo/brand you might want to add a generation date (or a timestamp) to PDF exports. This can be achieved with special tokens in the Custom PDF export footer HTML ("PDF Export" tab):

<span class="date-year"></span>-<span class="date-month"></span>-<span class="date-day"></span> 
<span class="date-hours"></span>:<span class="date-minutes"></span>