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Two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication can be used to add an extra level of security to ensure that your SeekTable accound is not accessed by an unauthorised third party that may have been able to discover, for example, an access key. Through two-factor authentication, users can access the SeekTable using their email, access key, and a security token provided by the Google Authenticator app (or similar app that implements TOTP according to the RFC 4226).

How to enable 2FA for SeekTable login

Follow the steps below to enable two-factor authentication for your account.

  1. Ensure that Google Authenticator (or similar app) is installed on your mobile device.
  2. Log in to the SeekTable
  3. Go to Manage Account screen (top-right menu)
  4. Click on the "enable" link next the Two-factor authentication field:
    Two factor authentication: enable in the account details
  5. Scan the QR code from the Two Factor Authentication Setup dialog using your mobile device or enter the setup code in the Google Authenticator app. The app will provide an authentication code.
  6. Enter the authentication code.
  7. Click Enable.

On the next login use an authentication code provided by Google Authenticator app when SeekTable asks for it:
Two factor authentication: enter the code from Google Authenticator on login

You can turn off 2FA login anytime simply by clicking on "deactivate" link. On the next 2FA activation SeekTable will re-generate the setup code.