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Google BigQuery pivot table reports

Google BigQuery can be used as a data source with SQL-compatible database connector and Simba ODBC driver.

There are no any limitations on the dataset size and in this you can get reports by billions-size datasets in the near real-time. This youtube video illustrates how sample 1.3Gb data is aggregated by BigQuery in seconds and displayed as a pivot table by SeekTable.

BigQuery connection setup

Connection String should be a valid connection string for Simba ODBC driver for Google BigQuery; for example:

Driver=Simba ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery;OAuthMechanism=1;RefreshToken=your_google_oauth_refresh_token;Catalog=your_api_project_id;
Catalog The name of your BigQuery project. This project is the default project that the Simba ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery queries against.
RefreshToken The refresh token that you obtain from Google for authorizing access to BigQuery. Section below explains how to generate the token.

How to get a refresh token

If you don't have a refresh token you get it in one of the following ways:

Looking for embedded solution? Try PivotData microservice which can be seamlessly integrated into any web application for pivot tables generation by Google BigQuery with simple web API.