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MySql connection for pivot table reports

MySql or protocol-compatible database (like MariaDB) can be used as a data source with SQL database connector. Tabular data schema can be determined by table name or custom SQL query (or defined explicitely) and then you can build real-time reports (pivot tables, charts, datagrids) and perform ad-hoc queries to your MySql database with simple UI, without need to write an SQL.

Connection String should be a valid connection string for MySqlConnector driver; for example:

Server The host name or network address of the MySQL Server to which to connect. Multiple hosts can be specified in a comma-delimited list.
Do not use "localhost" or LAN server name; use public IP address or server's domain name.
Database The case-sensitive name of the database to use.
Uid The MySQL user ID.
Pwd The password for the MySQL user.
ConvertZeroDateTime if true ignore empty or zero date time values.
UseCompression if true compresses packets sent between SeekTable and MySql server (if the server supports compression).