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Custom data source for pivot table reports

SeekTable's "Web API" connector allows you to create your own data sources or customize an access to your SQL database in a special way (say, to implement very specific calculations).

For this purpose you can develop your own custom connector in the form of web API endpoint that can handle data queries from SeekTable's reporting engine (PivotData Microservice); requirements are described below.

Custom connector web API provides an interface to query a tabular data model: incoming HTTP request contain a query (JSON) that determines a list of data columns to return. There are 2 kind of columns that may be requested:

If query contains at least one "Aggregate" column all "Field"-type columns should be handled as a grouping criteria.

How to implement a custom connector

How to use a custom connector in SeekTable

Custom connectors may be used only on SeekTable installations. To enable "Custom conector" data source option add this line to the docker-compose.seektable.env file:


After docker containers restart you should be able to configure your custom connector on the cube configuration form ("Connect to database"):

Connect to custom web API data source
If you need an assistance with a custom connector implementation feel free to contact us and ask your questions.