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Dynamic Grouping Based on Parameters

Dynamic grouping based on report's parameters allows users to change the grouping criteria of data in shared/published/embedded reports. This enables users to create more personalized and context-specific reports by selecting how they want data to be grouped - without having to create many similar reports (for each of these grouping options).

How dynamic grouping works in a report:

How to configure a dimension with dynamic grouping criteria

  1. Add a report parameter "param_group_by" for grouping criteria selection:
    Dynamic grouping setup: add param_group_by parameter
  2. Add a report parameter "param_group_by_sql" that calculates dimension's SQL (hidden):
    Dynamic grouping setup: add param_group_by_sql parameter Expression:
      new dictionary{
        {"Year", "EXTRACT(YEAR FROM order_date)"},
        {"Month", "EXTRACT(MONTH FROM order_date)"},
        {"Day", "EXTRACT(DAY FROM order_date)"}
      }[ IfNull(Parameter["param_group_by"], "Year")]  )
    Sql.Raw function is used to insert the value into SQL query 'as-is' (not as a constant).
    new dictionary{} defines SQL expressions for allowed "param_group_by" choices and also guarantees that user-entered value is not inserted into SQL directly (to prevent a possibility of SQL-injections).
  3. Optional Different grouping criteria may require dynamic format specified. If this is the case, add a report parameter "param_group_by_fmt" that calculates dimension's Format (hidden):
    Dynamic grouping setup: add param_group_by_fmt parameter Expression:
    new dictionary{
        {"Day", "{0}"}
      }[ IfNull(Parameter["param_group_by"], "Year")]
  4. Add a dimenion "dynamic_group_by" based on parameters defined above:
    Dynamic grouping setup: add dynamic_group_by dimension
    Label = @param_group_by which means that it is resolved with parameter's value. Format = @param_group_by_fmt (keep it empty if format doesn't depend on the user's grouping criteria selection). Parameters = @param_group_by_sql which defines a custom SQL expression for this dimension that is resolved from the parameter's value.
  5. Use "dynamic_group_by" in reports that should allow end-users to change a grouping criteria via "Group By" report parameter.