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Dependent Dropdowns Setup

When you have a report parameter with a Dropdown (dynamic) editor you may run into situation when some loaded items are inappropriate in the context of another parameter's selection. Typical situation is a filter for the fields that have parent-child relationship - like country/state, category/product and so on (cascading dropdown). To address this you may specify dependencies for the dynamic dropdown and in this way filter a Dropdown using another Dropdown.

To illustrate the approach let's assume that we have a cube that contains 2 dimensions with 1:N relationship: country and state_province. To add a filter by the corresponding DB columns we need to setup two parameters:

Setup of two parameters with parent-child relationship

We want users to choose values from the dynamically populated items list so editors should be switched to Dropdown (dynamic):

filter_country filter_state_province
Dropdown setup for country filter
Dropdown setup for state_province filter

In this setup Cube ID is empty; this means that current cube is queried to load dropdown items. For filter_state_province we specified a dependency on filter_country:

  • now SeekTable passes filter_country report parameter for the query that populates filter_state_province dropdown
  • when user changes filter_country selection this reloads items list for filter_state_province dropdown

To get the idea, take a look how dependent dropdowns work for "Category"/"Sub-category" parameters in this published report: