Releases changes log for self-hosted SeekTable version

2021 October 25
  • 2FA login: now it is possible to enable two-factor login with Google Authenticator (or similar) app. For backward compatibility with existing installations this feature is disabled by default on self-hosted SeekTable. To enable 2FA use SeekTable_ST:Account:TwoFactorDisabled app setting.
  • Deployment automation: added API for account data backup function.
  • Team sharing: usability imporvement -- when "Share to team" is clicked and at least one rule exists the list of rules is shown (it is possible to add one more rule from the list).
  • SQL connector: now PrestoDB/TrinoDB can be used as a data source.
  • Published report: fixed issue with pivot table pagination when "Extend export limit" is set (this bug was only in 20210903).
  • Reporting engine upgrade (PivotData Microservice) to v.1.7.5.
2021 September 03
  • Team sharing: now it is possible to choose what parameters are available for viewers in the cube access rule.
  • Export: fixed an issue when "Export all data" option was ignored for API calls.
  • Expressions: added Html.SetTextColor and Html.SetBackgroundColor functions that work in the same way for HTML, PDF, JSON and Excel exports.
  • Expressions: fixed an issue with Html.Raw(value) (one argument) function.
  • Excel export: fixed an issue with row subtotal labels colspan.
2021 August 17
  • Cubes descriptions: now it is possible to specify a custom content for the cube (HTML markup is allowed).
  • Report builder: compact report-level menu for narrow screens.
  • Reporting engine upgrade (PivotData Microservice) to v.1.7.3:
    • ElasticSearch: now it is possible to use a field in the "FilterRelex" even if it is not declared as a dimension.
    • MongoDb: fixed compatibility issue with Azure CosmosDB (pivot reports without dimensions).
    • ClickHouse: correctly handle CH sub-totals when "Use GROUP BY CUBE" option is enabled.
2021 June 11
  • Reports builder (flat tables): ability to sort by multiple columns ('gear' icon next to Columns).
  • Report builder: use report's name (+ current date) as a filename for exports.
  • Report builder: reset pager to 1st page when report configuration changes (to avoid 'empty page' situation).
  • Published report: now 'linkId' is passed in the message to the iFrame parent window (when report is changed, for instance).
  • Team sharing: do not show 'suggested reports' for shared cubes.
  • Team Sharing: if cube is shared and marked as 'hidden' but has shared reports - do not allow to create new reports.
  • Cube form: MongoDB - added unwind option "Preserve Null/Empty Arrays".
  • Cube form: fixed too-long 'loading' in case of cube connection timeout.
  • Quick search: match cube dimensions if they are not used in reports (navigates to the cube).
  • Minor navigation improvments (linking items in breadcrumbs: Cube Form, Configure Published Report).
  • Reporting engine upgrade (PivotData Microservice) to v.1.7.2:
    • fixed issue with pivot table expand/collapse mode (occurs in some cases when rows or columns ordered by values).
    • fixed issue with caching: some pivots are not cached under certain conditions (SQL-based cube + measure contains custom SQL in the "Parameters").
    • DB drivers are updated to the latest versions (see PivotData Microservice release notes for more details).
2021 February 23
  • Quick search in the top-menu: a new feature that simplifies navigation between cubes/reports (especially useful when you have many items in the left menu).
  • Drill-down to rows: fixed generation of the filter condition for 'flat table' when "Filter" already contains user-entered value.
  • Deployment automation: added API for admin's account data restore function.
  • Connection strings/URLs secrets: now it is possible to keep sensitive values like passwords in the app configuration and reference them as tokens.
  • Oracle connector: fixed issue with "Invalid cast" error that may occur in certain cases.
2021 January 17
  • Workspaces: a new feature that helps to organize many cubes/reports in single user account. Workspace is a named filter for the left-menu that includes only selected cube(s) and reports. To switch/manage workspaces use "Reports" menu item in the top menu.
  • Report builder: added 'full screen' mode (new "View" menu item).
  • Report builder: now browser's "Back" works like 'undo' if report was changed (especially useful in a 'full screen' mode to drill-up after drill-down).
  • Calculated measures: now it is possible to use pivot table-specific values in the formula like PivotTable.GrandTotal("measure_name"), PivotTable.RowTotal("measure_name"), PivotTable.ColumnTotal("measure_name").
  • Calculated members: now you can specify a separate value for sorting with SortBy("displayValue", "sortValue") function.
  • Admin: fixed issue with account form save when StoreAccessKeyHash is enabled.
2020 November 24
  • Added "Cache" section to the cube configuration form to control cache parameters for this particular cube. This section is NOT shown by default, to enable it use SeekTable_ST:Appearance:CubeFormCacheSection system setting.
  • Added SeekTable_ST:LogoutReturnUrl system setting.
  • Now it is possible to enable encryption for JWTs generated on SeekTable side + force strong signing/encryption algorithms + enable storing of 'access key' hashes (see security best practices for more details).
  • Report builder: ability to choose what measure(s) to use on chart in case multiple values (click on icon for Values).
  • Horizontal bar charts: use up to 30% of the chart width for the y-axis labels if needed.
2020 October 20
  • Report builder: now it is possible to choose multiple dimensions/measures from the list at once (hold CTRL + click).
  • Left menu: fixed issue with auto-scroll when cube has many-many reports.
  • Charts: better layout of labels on X-axis (when not enough space).
  • Drill-down: show dimensions with the same prefix as in report first (useful for drill-down by hierarchies like year/month/day).
  • More relevant error message when UI session expires (= web app page was opened more than 24h ago).
  • SeekTable web API: added ability to specify report parameters in the query string (works only if user has "Advanced publishing" subscription).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) v.1.6.6 bugfixes.
2020 August 17
  • SQL connector: now Snowflake is supported as a data source.
  • Cube config form: added ability to expand/collapse "Dimensions"/"Measures"/"Parameters" sections (usability).
  • Flat table report: now numbers/dates are exported to Excel with correct data types (not just string).
2020 July 08
  • Now it is possible to embed 'app view' in a secure way.
  • Report builder: now you can choose the same measure twice + apply modifiers (percentage/difference/heatmap) separately for each measure in the report (use "gear" icon).
  • Report parameters: now it is possible to check in "Expression" what dimensions/measures used in the report (useful for conditional SQL generation).
  • Search-driven analytics: now search interface ("Ask Data") can be enabled for DB-based cubes.
  • SMTP setup: added advanced options TrustCertificate, AllowLegacySsl, SocketOptions
2020 May 19
  • Team Sharing: added "Share all reports" for cube access rule (no need to share each report separately).
  • Hotfix for dependent dropdowns in published reports (items are not loaded)
2020 May 05
  • UI localization: added ability to translate (or customize) interface labels (except "cube config form" and "admin" section). This capability is available only for installations with white-label mode subscription.
  • Lists of cubes/reports: custom order can be set with drag-and-drop
  • Report parameters: now it is possible to configure "Dropdown (Dynamic)" which items depend on another parameter value (dependend dropdowns).
  • Cube config form: now default value works for multivalue parameters too (separated with comma)
  • Team sharing: fixed issue with "Params" tab when both "Fields" and "Format" are hidden
  • Admin: unlocked the ability to change user's email (login)
  • fixed issue with drill-down on reports with "Last N" limit
  • layout improvements for small screens (mobiles) on some views
2020 Mar 24
  • SeekTable app now is based on .NET Core 3.1 LTS which offers better performance and uses less memory.
  • Cube Form: alternative compact view (tabs) is used for dimensions/measures/parameters if screen width < 1600px or if number of items >50. On self-hosted SeekTable it is possible to force usage of 'tabs' or 'table' view (always) with an appropriate setting.
  • Cube Form: fixed an issue with confirm dialogs (in some case form was blocked).
  • Report Builder: 'thin' scrollbar for the right-side configuration form.
  • Report Builder: fixed issue with Filter (also affects drill-down) by formatted values like month names ({0:MMM} and {0:MMMM} specifiers).
  • CSV cube: display last upload date with time part (browser's timezone) + display this timestamp in the footer of published reports.
  • Published report: fixed an issue with in-table chart legend for reports with single dimension on rows + expand/collapse is enabled.
  • Team Sharing: hide "Share to team" on 'shared' reports.
  • Team / Admin sections: make lists more usable on small screens.
  • Reporting engine updates: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.2 changes log
  • Front-end: use to latest jQuery 3.4.1, legacy jQueryUI sortable replaced with modern sortableJS (supports touch screens!).
2020 Feb 20
  • Report builder: added ability to configure custom labels/formats for dimensions/measures for the concrete report
  • Report parameters: now "Dropdown (dynamic)" can efficiently handle up to 100k (!!) items without freezes / slowness. Default limit is extended to 10,000 (can be increased on self-hosted SeekTable)
  • Report parameters: now "Dropdown (dynamic)" No-selection Text option works for multi-value parameters too
  • Chart legend (published report): fixed issue with missed colors in the table + in case of may items vertical scroll appears when legend is on the right
  • Self-hosted administration: added option to disable publish-to-web (Get Link) functionality for non-admin users
  • CSV connector: added "List Unique" and "List" measure types
  • Cube Form: fixed an issue with "Clone" (also may cause 'empty edit form' behaviour)
2020 Jan 31
  • Cube view: now dimensions that have the same Name. prefix are grouped
  • Published report: fixed issue with flat table sort change
  • Published report: added option that controls chart legend (possible positions: top, right, bottom)
  • Charts: added rendering animations
  • Report builder: now it is possible to show 'raw' DB query in case of error (only if user is an 'owner' of the cube)
  • Pivot Table: new "Format" options "Totals Row position", "Totals Column position", "Show ... group in case of limit"
  • Pivot Table: new "Limits" options "Last 50", "Last 10", "Last 5"
  • Report Parameter Dropdown (Dynamic): added option to specify custom 'no selection' item text
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Reporting engine updates: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.1 changes log
    • XMLA connector enhancements (infer schema, range filters)
    • improved performance of expand/collapse pivot tables rendering
2019 Dec 12
  • New XMLA OLAP connector for SSAS/Azure Analysis Services.
  • Flat tables: added pagination option (2 modes: prev/next and "show more")
  • Exports: added "Export All Data" option (download all report data, disregard web-view limits/pager position)
  • Backup: indent cubes/reports JSON configuration in the XML file
  • Team Sharing: fixed issue when in shared report "Apply" button is visible without tabs
  • New formatting specifiers: month number (1-12) to month name {0:MMM}/{0:MMMM}, shorten large numbers with k/M/B suffix {0:0.#|kMB}
  • Fixed UI issue with web-combo when many-many columns are selected for the report
  • White-label mode: now it is possible to change 'base' (green) color with a simple CSS rule
  • Starting from this version PivotData microservice license key can be a part of SeekTable subscriptions
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.0 changes log
2019 Oct 25
  • Public reports: added ability to embed reports in a secure way with JWT authorization. JWT may include report parameters for row-level security rules.
  • Public reports: added CSS-animated preloader if report rendering takes more than 300ms.
  • Usability: sync report/cube config when SeekTable is opened in several tabs (share the same login session).
  • Usability: show 'confirm overwrite' dialog on cube save if configuration was changed during edit
2019 Oct 02
  • Team sharing: added Groups to simplify management of large teams. You can create any number of user groups and configure access to cubes/reports for these groups.
  • DB cubes: added Apply pivot table filter as a condition parameter that enables translation of user-defined table filter into database query condition. This option unlocks any-level drill-down even for large databases.
  • SQL cubes: added Use "GROUP BY CUBE" option that enables totals/sub-totals calculation for custom-SQL measures (Type=FirstValue)
  • ElasticSearch: now it is possible to configure custom ES bucket or metric aggregation ("histogram", "extended_stats" etc)
  • Charts: use integer-labels for axis labels with numbers
  • Charts: if line/area/scatter axis contains a lot of labels display only some of them (by interval)
  • Public reports: more memory-efficent rendering (affects huge reports)
  • Public reports: when auto-refresh is enabled do not refresh if page is not visible (document.visibilityState is 'hidden')
  • Public reports: use webcombo instead of dropdown for parameters with Editor=Dropdown and if number of items > threshold (20 by default, configurable)
  • Public reports: warning is displayed when report parameters passed in URL are ignored because of incorrect format
  • Other minor improvements and fixes (including vertical page scroll issue)
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.5.5 changes log
2019 Jul 18
  • Added WS-Federation single sign-on (SSO) for Azure Active Directory or Azure Directory FS
  • White-label mode new settings: ability to specify custom favicon, signup button text, get started content. Now colors for charts may be customized with CSS rules (including legend colors in the table).
  • Fixed issue with CSV file upload if JWT for API is not configured
  • CSV cube: added "Variance" measure type that can be used for calculation of [sample] variance/standard deviation
  • Expressions: added math functions like Math.Round, Math.Pow, Math.Sqrt (unlocks possibility to calculate standard error by standard deviation)
  • More convinient validation of 'Dropdown (dynamic)' editor of report parameters
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.5.3 changes log
2019 Jun 17
  • CSV connector: now it is possible to use report parameters and specify filtering expression for rows
  • Cube parameters: added ability to populate dropdown values dynamically
  • Calculated members: added Html.Raw function that accepts 2 arguments to specify different value for non-HTML exports
  • Published report: fixed UI issue with input=date (inside ST app datepicker is also replaced with native input=date that used browser's settings for date format)
  • Published report: fixed issue with incorrect chart tooltips (on mouse over)
  • Minor UI fixes and usability improvements
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.2 changes log
2019 Apr 02
  • CSV connector: now it is possible to use report parameters and specify filtering expression for rows
  • MongoDb connector: added possibility to specify custom stages (before/after $group)
  • Report parameters: added ability to choose an editor (textbox, dropdown or multivalue dropdown, checkbox) and specify custom expression to evaluate parameter value
  • White-label mode new options: "Custom Public Report CSS", "Custom Public Report footer HTML", "Custom Signup Page HTML"
  • Added API key generation that may be used with Zapier or MS Flow
  • Share by email: if chart is enabled it is also included into email body as image
  • When there is no saved reports for the cube SeekTable tries to suggest several reports (by date, by location etc).
  • Pivot table report type: quick links to change "expand/collapse" mode if several dimensions are selected for rows or columns.
  • Set of minor UI fixes and usability improvements
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.1 changes log
2019 Feb 22
  • New feature: expand/collapse mode for pivot tables (can be enabled in "Format" tab)
  • New feature: "show rows" in drill-down menu (appears on value-cell click in pivot tables)
  • Expressions: now Html.Raw and Html.Link are supported in pivot tables
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.0 changes log
2019 Feb 01
  • Added ability to enable "Clone" for CSV cubes (with variable in 'docker-compose.seektable.env')
  • Added new option for "Restore" dialog (available for self-hosted SeekTable admins): "Generate new record IDs" which restores cubes/reports with new IDs. This mode is useful for 'mass-clone' when backup is restored in the same account, or to re-create the some sample cubes in another account(s).
2019 Jan 22
  • New feature: white label mode (available only for self-hosted SeekTable with paid subscription): use your company logo/brand instead of SeekTable, hide "Generated by" and "Powered by" notices in app/exports/shared reports, hide links to website, set custom footer content for emails and PDF export, customize SeekTable app visual styles by adding your own CSS.
  • Added ability to override saved report options with 'cfg' URL parameter
  • A lot of minor improvements / bugfixes
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.4 changes log
2018 Nov 29
  • New feature: Configure Published Report form (UI for public link options)
  • New feature: Backup cubes/reports configuration (XML) that can be restored by self-hosted admin
  • Fix: filter autcomplete positioning issue
  • Expressions: added Html.SetReportParameters function (sets report parameter(s) on click), Html.Link and Html.Raw (for 'flat table' reports only)
  • Public report: when parameters are changed this is reflected in URL, browser back can be used as 'undo'
  • ElasticSearch data source: now parameters are supported and may be used in special filtering condition
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.3 changes
2018 Oct 23
  • New feature: self-hosted administration (available only for self-hosted SeekTable with paid subscription)
  • New feature: team sharing when cubes/reports may be shared to other SeekTable users with access control (paid subscription)
  • New feature: advanced publishing/embedding options for reports published to web (paid subscription)
  • New data source: Oracle
  • Flat tables optimization: supported up to 50k rows, this limit can be increased in self-hosted SeekTable
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.1 changes
  • SeekTable web application migrated to .NET Core 2.1 (better performance and stability)
  • Now report parameters may be specified in public report URLs (reports published to web)
  • A lot of minor enhancements and bugfixes
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.0
  • First release of docker images for self-hosted SeekTable
  • Self-hosted version offers exactly the same functionality as cloud version
  • Based on reporting engine PivotData microservice v.1.3.2