Releases changes log for a self-hosted SeekTable version

The latest version is published on dockerhub (seektable/seektable:latest and seektable/pivotdataservice:latest images). It is possible to use specific release via tags that correspond to release dates (YYYYMMDD).
If you want to receive notifications about new SeekTable releases you may use or similar service for monitoring SeekTable containers updates.
2024 June 07
  • Dashboards: fixed an issue with dashboard parameters defaults in all-dashboard exports.
  • Dashboards: now user's changes in report widgets (sorting, page or expand/collapse) are reflected in all-dashboard exports.
  • Embedded app view: fixed an issue with report parameters passed in JWT when seektable_user_readonly=false (editable app's view is embedded).
2024 May 02
  • Dashboards: fixed all-dashboard PDF export issue 'QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function...' when HTML template has references to external resources (js/css/images).
  • Dashboards: now report's option "Export All Data" affects exports initiated from dashboards.
  • Dashboards: fixed an issue when 'mapped' dashboard parameters were ignored in all-dashboard exports.
  • Dashboards: fixed an issue 'not-set' dashboard parameter ignored when this parameter has some value in the report.
  • Dashboards: fixed an issue with multi-value dasboard parameter when it has "Value" initializer (array).
  • Dashboards: now it is possible to override some report's config properties in the Widget:Report JSON config (ReportOverride).
  • Published report: now report's option "Export All Data" affects exports initiated from published reports.
  • Added SeekTable_ST__UIHttpRequestTimeout app's setting that allows to increase UI wait timeout to make possible "slow" reports (that take more than 3 minutes).
2024 Apr 15
  • Published report: added "No Cache" option (disables in-memory cache for aggregated data).
  • Dashboards: added "NoCache" option for report's widget (disables in-memory cache for aggregated data).
  • Dashboards: added "Apply parameters: Filter button" option (disables on-change behaviour).
  • Web API: special 'admin' API for user accounts management (add/remove/list) and team members add/remove.
  • Admin: fixed an issue with "System setup" form when SeekTable web API is not configured.
  • Embedded app view: allow "share to team" and sharing rules/groups management if 'embedded' user account has "Team sharing" role.
  • Charts: added "Offset X" and "Offset Y" options ("Configure Chart" dialog) to customize spacing for axes labels.
  • Charts: fixed old issue with 1st axis-Y item wrong positioning in some cases.
2024 Feb 22
  • Team sharing: workspace rule - now it is possible to specify default report's option shared via workspace's rule.
  • Team sharing: Groups list - show number of rules linked to the list of rules (of the group).
  • Charts: added "Override X-axis label" and "Override Y-axis label" options into "Configure chart" dialog. Affects web view and PDF exports.
  • Charts: now it is possible to customize (or localize) "k"/"M"/"B" suffixes used for shortening large numbers in charts (as labels in Admin → UI Localization).
  • Flat tables: now columns (and even values that are currently displayed in the table) are suggested in the "Filter" textbox (autocomplete).
  • Embedded app view: fixed issue with incorrectly positioned view's header (and also table's headers in lists of cubes/reports). This issue affects only 20240116 release .
  • Admin: added more app's settings into "System setup" form (it was possible to set them only in .env file before that). Note that if some setting is already (explicitly) set in the config file it is only displayed but cannot be modified in UI (to keep consistency).
  • Admin: White-label mode settings are now separated from other system settings.
  • Added SeekTable_ST__Mail__Timeout app's setting (30 seconds by default).
2024 Jan 16
  • Team sharing: now whole workspace can be shared to the team as a set of cubes/reports.
  • Team sharing: now it is possible to assign for groups of users special report parameters overrides. When such override is defined and matches report's parameter it becomes hidden and user cannot modify it in any way. This mechanism can be used for RLS rules in addition to the seektable_user_email parameter usage.
  • Dashboards: now it is possible to export all dashboard content into one resulting multi-page PDF. This PDF layout uses the same HTML template as a web view but with different CSS. Custom visuals can be rendered too (when compatible with wkhtmltopdf) or excluded from PDF. With this feature SeekTable is suitable for PDF outputs with very custom layouts like invoices.
  • Dashboards: now it is possible to export all dashboard's reports into one resulting multisheet (multi-tab) Excel file (multiple tables at once). It is possible to exclude certain widgets from this Excel export and specify a custom worksheet name for each report.
  • Dashboards: added 'Static:true' option for report widgets to render only plain HTML tables (without interactivity like fixed header/sort/expand/collase/pagination).
  • Admin section: fixed an issue with account's data restore of XML backup file >4MB
  • Report builder: now it is possible to choose which parameters (+order) to show for the concrete report in "Params" tab ('gear' icon when tab is active).
  • Admin section: fixed incorrect number of cubes in the users list.
  • Published report: minor CSS fixes for webcombos
  • UI: minor navigation-related fixes / enhancements
2023 Nov 02
  • Pivot report: now measure's percentage calculation can be shown as data bars (like in Excel / PowerBI). These data bars are preserved in report's PDF and Excel exports.
  • Pivot chart: fixed an issue with HTML-formatted measure values when non-HTML values are not defined.
  • Export to Excel: complex numbers formatting with in-format prefixes and separate negative/zero parts (like {0:$##,###,##0.00;$-##,###,##0.00;-}) now converted into Excel number formatting.
  • Report parameters: now it is possible to specify parameter's placeholder (@paramName) in dimension's or measure's "LabelText" or "Format", in this way dynamic-grouping dimensions (or dynamic measures) can have a dynamic label / format that depends on the parameter selection.
  • Cubes list: now 'default' app's view can show list of all reports as an alternative to the list of cubes ("View" menu item). This mode is used by default for users ('report consumers') that have only 'shared' reports in the left menu (and no cubes where "add report" is allowed).
  • Cube form: now view's top-menu is 'fixed' (usability improvements).
  • Cube form: now it is possible to switch between 'tables' and 'tabs' for dimensions/measures/parameters lists ("View" menu item).
  • Cube form: when form was changed a 'star' * is shown near "Edit configuration" view's title. On * mouse over a timestamp of the last change is shown.
  • Report builder: for flat-tables now all available columns may be selected with one click ("add all" near "Columns").
  • Minor UX improvements & fixes.
2023 Sep 29
  • Expressions: now it is possible to use local variables (example: var a = 10; var b = 5; a*b) + ternary (conditional) operator may be used in a sequence (example: a>10 ? "green" : a<0 ? "red" : "white").
  • Cube form: multi-line expressions (useful for complex expressions with local variables).
  • Cube form: UX improvements for table-layout (dimensions/measures/parameters).
  • Pivot report: fixed an issue with incorrect order of grouped items when Subtotals inside groups is enabled + subtotals position is "bottom".
  • Pivot report: fixed incorrect handling of 'less than'/'greater than' conditions on dimensions in report's Filter.
  • Pivot report: added Show data labels options for bar charts (configure Chart dialog).
  • Charts: changed defaults of first 5 series colors (to default Excel Chart colors).
  • Pivot report: now it is possible to choose a heatmap color (configure Values dialog)
  • Pivot report: keep white-space values as-is in CSV exports (when Use "(empty)" placeholder is unchecked).
  • Team sharing: fixed issue with Access rules list loading performance.
  • Login form: new app settings: SeekTable_ST__Account__LoginCookieExpirationMinutes, SeekTable_ST__Account__LoginCookieSlidingExpirationEnabled, SeekTable_ST__Account__LoginCookiePersistent, SeekTable_ST__Account__LoginFormRememberMeEnabled.
2023 Aug 22
  • File upload: if Excel file was uploaded previously (= CSV cube exists that matches filename / worksheet of that Excel) SeekTable asks for 'refresh existing or add new' (the same behaviour as for CSV files).
  • Dashboards: when dashboard is published and Link Access Control is jwt a new option Replace JWT payload variables in HTML may be enabled. This makes possible to pass any variables from your host web app and use concrete dashboard as a template.
  • Pivot report: now it is possible to specify report-specific chart colors ('gear' icon near Chart in the right panel).
  • Pivot report: new options Font Size and Font Name in "Configure Table Styles" dialog.
  • Pivot report: now custom table styles are applied when report is included into email body ("Share by email" and "Subscribe to report" functions).
  • Share by email: now it is possible to specify multipe recepients (comma or semicolon separated), up to 5 by default (limit may be changed on SeekTable installations).
  • Share by email: user's email (who sends the report) is specified in "reply-to".
  • Report parameters: fixed issue with "Dropdown (dynamic)" items loading when 50th item repeated twice.
  • Report builder: fixed issue with incorrect drill-down on subtotals.
  • Pivot report: fixed web-view issue with prev/next pagination on columns (affects only reports with several measures with "Repeat labels for Columns" enabled).
2023 Jul 17
  • Cube form: now it is possible to clone reports too (not copied by default, reports to clone may be checked at the end of the form).
  • Report builder: added "Subtotals inside groups" option.
  • Report builder: now it is possible to customize pivot table's text styles (bold/italic/alignment) via "styles" link ("Format" tab). These styles affect web view, PDF and Excel exports.
  • Report builder: fixed an issue with export download when file is saved without extension.
  • Report builder (pivot reports): improved "Filter" textbox autocomplete.
  • Report builder (pivot reports): added special kind of per-dimension top-N filter ("Filter" textbox): works in the same way as Excel's PivotTable "Filter > Top 10".
    Syntax: <dimension keyword>:top(10) or <dimension keyword>:bottom(10) or <dimension keyword>:top(10, 1) (where 1 is a zero-based measure index = use report's 2nd measure subtotals to determine top items).
  • Report builder: fixed an issue with per-dimension "Subtotals" checkboxes.
  • Export to Excel: special handling of number format with decimals (like "0.##") for integer values to avoid excessive decimal point in Excel (like "5.").
  • Export to Excel (flat tables): now 'table' style is applied by default.
  • Published report (pivot table): fixed an UI issue with sort arrows when "Sort by value last group only" option is used.
  • SQL cubes: SQLite connector may be enabled to use local sqlite DB file as a data source (only for users with "admin" role).
  • Subscribe to report: fixed an issue with attachments for flat-table reports.
  • Team sharing: fixed an issue when changes in cube's access rule doesn't affect 'viewers' immediately (this issue was related to a cache invalidation).
  • Team sharing: when report is shared and some cube's dimensions are used only to load "Dropdown (dynamic)" items these dimensions are also 'shared' implicitely (to prevent dropdown load errors).
2023 Jun 05
  • Added alternative 'table' view for cubes and reports (in addition to 'tiles' view). This is an account-level setting; also it is possible to specify 'table' as a default view on self-hosted installations.
  • Configure published report form: exclude 'hidden' parameters from the list of inputs that may be selected.
  • Report builder: added "Use (empty) placeholder" option ("Format" tab). It can be unchecked to keep cells with dimension labels empty instead of "(empty)" text.
  • Share by email: added options that determine how report is included into email (inside message's body or as an attachment or both). These options are available for API calls too.
  • Pivot table: fixed issue when "Expand/Collapse" is enabled and "Sort by value last group only" was ignored.
  • Pivot table: fixed issue with "Export to Excel PivotTable" when HTML-formatted values are exported incorrectly and values for non-HTML export were not used.
  • CSV cube: now flat tables based on CSV data can be ordered by multiple columns.
2023 Apr 11
  • Report builder: added Diff same group only option for (available when Value Calculation is "difference"). When checked difference values are calculated only between values that belong to the same group.
  • Report builder: now Limits (pagination, top/last N) are applied to collapsed pivot table.
  • Report builder: added "Redo" button to redo undone action(s).
  • Embedded app view: now it is possible to specify seektable_user_readonly=false to allow saving modifications when SeekTable app is embedded.
2023 Mar 06
  • Report builder: added ViewShow Query to display report's data database query and related info (data timestamp, load time). The DB query is shown only to cube's owner.
  • Report builder: added ViewRefresh that forces report's data reload (ignore cached data).
  • Report builder: now it is possible to manage report's workspaces simply by checking items in View menu.
  • Report builder: if "Filter" is applied as a DB condition suggester adds dimensions's hint (it is required for translating filter's condition to query condition).
  • Report builder: now "Params" tab displays a loading spinner until items for dynamic dropdowns are loaded.
  • Dashboards: now "Loading..." placeholder is displayed for dynamic dropdowns until items are loaded.
  • Pivot tables: now it is possible to apply sort-by-value for both rows & columns (at least one of axes should be ordered by totals).
  • Pivot tables: reset sort-by-value if sort column or row are collapsed (now behaviour is more consistent from user's point of view).
  • All client-side ajax calls changed from GET to POST to prevent potential issues related to URL length limit (can occur when SeekTable is behind IIS where default URL length limit is 2048).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.8.8.
2023 Jan 23
  • Export to Excel: now if pivot report has a chart it is also exported as a native Excel Chart (in a separate worksheet). A rather unique capability!
  • Published report: added a new "Position" option for export buttons ("Configure Published Report" form); default value is 'bottom', it is possible to move export buttons to the top (above the report).
  • Dashboard: added built-in export buttons (with loading indicator support).
  • Dashboard: now dynamic dropdown items are loaded asynchronously (= don't block whole dashboard loading).
  • Dashboard: now dynamic dropdowns support dependencies (both for cube's and dashboard-specific parameters).
  • Dashboard form ("insert report" dialog): now reports are shown as in the left menu - grouped by cubes and in the same order (usability).
  • Dashboard: fixed an issue with in-table legend colors that are shown when chart is disabled with TableOnly="true".
  • CSV: fixed an issue when separator is determined incorrectly in some cases.
  • CSV: fixed incorrect "uploaded" timestamp (wrong timezone) for just uploaded CSV (affects only UI).
  • Report builder: fixed minor issue with configure Rows/Columns dialog that occurs after "swap rows and columns" action.
  • Cube form: fixed "parameter not used" warning that may be shown if parameter is used only in some expression.
2022 Oct 20
  • Published report: now "loading" indicator is displayed before loading of "Dropdown (dynamic)" items.
  • Published report: added "loading" indicator for export buttons + ignore repeated clicks if export is still in progress.
  • Report builder: added "loading" popup for exports.
  • Report builder: fixed an issue when "Dropdown (dynamic)" items are re-loaded on each change of the report.
  • Report builder: now PivotDataService JWT is renewed automatically when needed (= no need to reload SeekTable app after 24 hours).
  • Embedded app view: fixed an issue with parameters passed in JWT related to user's cube schemas caching (this caching was added in 20220802).
  • SQL cubes: now it is possible to use parameters (via @param_name syntax) in custom SQL expressions of "Field"-type dimensions/measures (1st entry in "Parameters").
  • CSV cubes: fixed "in" comparison in the "Filter Expression" with a "(Split)" field (when this dimension is NOT used in the report).
  • Presto/Trino connector: now it is possible to use "X-Trino-" headers by specifying TrinoHeaders=1 in the connection string.
2022 Sep 28
  • CSV cubes: now it is possible to 'unpivot' certain CSV columns into 2 special dimensions (one for columns names, and another for values). The list of CSV columns to unpivot may be explicit or determined by matching rules (with * or regex pattern).
  • Published report: added a new "Position" option for parameters inputs ("Configure Published Report" form); default value is 'top', and 2 new alternative layouts are avalable ('left', 'right').
  • Published report: added a new "Collapse after N-th" option for parameters inputs ("Configure Published Report" form), it is useful if you have dozens of report parameters but it is not enough space to show them all the time.
  • Dashboards: now some report parameters may be 'fixed' for the concrete Widget:Report with SetParameterValues (user will not able to change them).
  • Dashboards: now it is possible to have a custom renderer for Widget:Parameter by providing ClientCustomRenderFunction (in a similar way to report's custom visual). This allows you to use, say, checkboxes list instead of build-in webcombo for editing the multivalue parameter.
2022 Sep 09
  • Published report: added new options to "Configure Published Report" form - enable "Reset" button (clear all parameter inputs) and/or "Filter" button (when enabled, the report will not refresh automatically on change, and user needs to click on the button to apply changes in parameters).
  • Format: added new format specifiers for weekday number (0-6, where 0 is Sunday), {0:ddd} (Mon, Tue etc), {0:dddd} (Monday, Tuesday etc). When these formats are used weekdays are sorted according to the seektable/pivotdataservice PivotDataService_PivotDataService__FormatCulture setting; by default the first day of week is Monday.
  • Expressions: now functions Date.DayOfWeek and Date.DayOfWeekShort accept the number (0-6). Added Date.FirstDayOfWeek() that returns the first day of week (0-6) according to the current format culture code.
  • Cube Form: now expressions are validated on save (syntax / variables usage).
  • Cube Form: now it is possible to specify a placeholder (empty hint) for parameters with "Textbox" editor.
  • Cube Form: removed 'try-load' validation for "Dropdown (Dynamic)" editors that use another cube to load values. Instead of that, quick checks for dropdown's cube ID / dimensions / dependencies are performed.
  • Flat table: now relevant error is shown instead of "JsonWriterException: No token to close. Path ''" in case of DB error that occur during data read.
  • Pivot table: now "Totals" label can be customized ('gear' icon next to "Rows" and "Columns").
  • Pivot table: now Sum/Average cells are empty when no aggregated values (instead of 0, which is incorrect).
  • Chart: now null data points are not shown as 0 (except pie/donut).
2022 Aug 02
  • Performance/scalability improvements: significantly reduced overhead for each report rendering/export request, decreased RAM consumption (changes introduced by PivotData microservice v.1.8.3).
  • Export to Excel: now custom "Format" for dates/timestamps is converted to Excel formatting if possible.
  • Export to Excel (pivot table reports): now numbers and dates are not exported as strings for dimensions as well + SeekTable "Format" is converted to Excel formatting if possible.
  • Published report: fixed an issue with in-table chart legend.
  • Subscribe to report: added "Excel PivotTable" attachment type (checkbox).
  • Added app setting SeekTable_ST__Appearance__CubeFormAllowEditJSON (docker-compose.seektable.env) to enable "Edit JSON" button for cube config objects (dimensions, measures, parameters). This might be useful for power users, with this button it is easy to copy-paste cube configuration parts.
2022 June 14
  • Starting from this release SeekTable uses the newest NET6 runtime (more performant in comparing to previously used .NET Core 3.1).
  • Subscribe to report new: a built-in function to schedule reports delivery by email.
  • Export to Excel: now links are exported if cell's content is formatted with Html.Link function.
  • Export to Excel: now "Format" rules are converted into Excel's equivalents when possible.
  • Export to Excel PivotTable: value calculations (percentage of totals, difference from prev/next col/row, running value) are translated into Excel's PivotTable equivalents.
  • Minor UX improvements.
2022 April 02
  • Report builder: added 'next row' / 'next column' difference pivot table calculations options.
  • Report builder: now it is possible to control subtotals for each dimension separately ('gear' icon).
  • Report builder: added new "Format"-tab options Repeat labels for Rows and Repeat labels for Columns. These options are applicable only when Expand/collapse mode is disabled.
  • Export to Excel PivotTable: added setting PivotDataService_PivotDataService__Export__ExcelPivotTableCompact that can disable 'pivot table compact view' in Excel.
  • Embedded app view: now JWT can contain seektable_app_page_css_class to customize styles of the app page for the concrete embedding (this CSS class is applied to page's body tag).
2022 March 17
  • New "web API" connector: an ability to develop and use your own custom data source that is implemented in the form of special web API endpoint. This connector can be used only in a self-hosted SeekTable.
  • Published report: added "Export filename" option in "Configure Published Report" form + a filename for exports may be explicitely set in published report URL with export_filename parameter.
  • ReportBuilder: refined drill-down filter generation (esp. for "Show rows" and when cube's "Apply pivot table filter as a condition parameter" is enabled).
  • SSO Active Directory: fixed single-sign on login issue in the latest Chrome (v.98). Issue is related to "SameSite=none" handling.
  • Expressions: added new functions Date.ISOWeek.GetWeekOfYear, Date.ISOWeek.GetWeeksInYear, Date.ISOWeek.GetYear, Date.ISOWeek.GetYearStart, Date.ISOWeek.GetYearEnd.
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.8.0.
2022 January 14
  • Dashboards: better errors/incorrect templates handling (more user-friendly messages and load behaviour).
  • Dashboards: added TableOnly option for report widgets.
  • Dashboards: added "Insert report" and "Insert parameter" wizards to simplify templates initial setup.
  • 2FA login: added SeekTable_ST__Account__TwoFactorRequired app setting that allows to force 2FA for all users (until 2FA login is activated users will not able to use the app).
  • 2FA login: now admin can deactivate 2FA on the account form (to allow this user to login without 2FA if secret token was lost).
  • Team sharing: fixed rule form issue (loading dropdowns with cube members).
  • Backup: now XML files includes "Team" section data (list of members/groups/rules).
  • Restore: now it is possible to restore "Team" data + control what to exclude from the restore (possible for workspaces, dashboards, team).
2021 December 03
  • Dashboards: fixed 'loading' spinners.
  • Dashboards: on report load error display user-friendly error message (and stop loading spinner).
  • Dashboards: added "Edit" on the dashboard page for quicker edit-view turnarounds (usability).
  • Login: fixed behaviour when user is redirected to the original url that routes to the login box.
2021 December 02
  • Dashboards: a new feature that allows to to display several reports on a single page. Dashboards page is defined with a custom HTML template where custom visuals may be placed to display report's JSON data. A dashboard may be published to web / embedded / shared to the team in the same way as an individual report. To use dashboards your SeekTable installation needs to have an appropriate subscription.
  • Reports usability: automatically scroll to the beginning when sort/page is changed.
  • Workspaces: use vertical scroll in case of many items in the "Reports" menu.
  • CSV cube: now it is possible to setup multi-value CSV columns manually (if auto-detection fails).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.7.6.
2021 October 25
  • 2FA login: now it is possible to enable two-factor login with Google Authenticator (or similar) app. For backward compatibility with existing installations this feature is disabled by default on self-hosted SeekTable. To enable 2FA use SeekTable_ST__Account__TwoFactorDisabled app setting.
  • Deployment automation: added API for account data backup function.
  • Team sharing: usability imporvement -- when "Share to team" is clicked and at least one rule exists the list of rules is shown (it is possible to add one more rule from the list).
  • SQL connector: now PrestoDB/TrinoDB can be used as a data source.
  • Published report: fixed issue with pivot table pagination when "Extend export limit" is set (this bug was only in 20210903).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.7.5.
2021 September 03
  • Team sharing: now it is possible to choose what parameters are available for viewers in the cube access rule.
  • Export: fixed an issue when "Export all data" option was ignored for API calls.
  • Expressions: added Html.SetTextColor and Html.SetBackgroundColor functions that work in the same way for HTML, PDF, JSON and Excel exports.
  • Expressions: fixed an issue with Html.Raw(value) (one argument) function.
  • Excel export: fixed an issue with row subtotal labels colspan.
2021 August 17
  • Cubes descriptions: now it is possible to specify a custom content for the cube (HTML markup is allowed).
  • Report builder: compact report-level menu for narrow screens.
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.7.3:
    • ElasticSearch: now it is possible to use a field in the "FilterRelex" even if it is not declared as a dimension.
    • MongoDb: fixed compatibility issue with Azure CosmosDB (pivot reports without dimensions).
    • ClickHouse: correctly handle CH sub-totals when "Use GROUP BY CUBE" option is enabled.
2021 June 11
  • Reports builder (flat tables): ability to sort by multiple columns ('gear' icon next to Columns).
  • Report builder: use report's name (+ current date) as a filename for exports.
  • Report builder: reset pager to 1st page when report configuration changes (to avoid 'empty page' situation).
  • Published report: now 'linkId' is passed in the message to the iFrame parent window (when report is changed, for instance).
  • Team sharing: do not show 'suggested reports' for shared cubes.
  • Team Sharing: if cube is shared and marked as 'hidden' but has shared reports - do not allow to create new reports.
  • Cube form: MongoDB - added unwind option "Preserve Null/Empty Arrays".
  • Cube form: fixed too-long 'loading' in case of cube connection timeout.
  • Quick search: match cube dimensions if they are not used in reports (navigates to the cube).
  • Minor navigation improvments (linking items in breadcrumbs: Cube Form, Configure Published Report).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) upgraded to v.1.7.2:
    • fixed issue with pivot table expand/collapse mode (occurs in some cases when rows or columns ordered by values).
    • fixed issue with caching: some pivots are not cached under certain conditions (SQL-based cube + measure contains custom SQL in the "Parameters").
    • DB drivers are updated to the latest versions (see PivotData Microservice release notes for more details).
2021 February 23
  • Quick search in the top-menu: a new feature that simplifies navigation between cubes/reports (especially useful when you have many items in the left menu).
  • Drill-down to rows: fixed generation of the filter condition for 'flat table' when "Filter" already contains user-entered value.
  • Deployment automation: added API for admin's account data restore function.
  • Connection strings/URLs secrets: now it is possible to keep sensitive values like passwords in the app configuration and reference them as tokens.
  • Oracle connector: fixed issue with "Invalid cast" error that may occur in certain cases.
2021 January 17
  • Workspaces: a new feature that helps to organize many cubes/reports in single user account. Workspace is a named filter for the left-menu that includes only selected cube(s) and reports. To switch/manage workspaces use "Reports" menu item in the top menu.
  • Report builder: added 'full screen' mode (new "View" menu item).
  • Report builder: now browser's "Back" works like 'undo' if report was changed (especially useful in a 'full screen' mode to drill-up after drill-down).
  • Calculated measures: now it is possible to use pivot table-specific values in the formula like PivotTable.GrandTotal("measure_name"), PivotTable.RowTotal("measure_name"), PivotTable.ColumnTotal("measure_name").
  • Calculated members: now you can specify a separate value for sorting with SortBy("displayValue", "sortValue") function.
  • Admin: fixed issue with account form save when StoreAccessKeyHash is enabled.
2020 November 24
  • Added "Cache" section to the cube configuration form to control cache parameters for this particular cube. This section is NOT shown by default, to enable it use SeekTable_ST__Appearance__CubeFormCacheSection system setting.
  • Added SeekTable_ST__LogoutReturnUrl system setting.
  • Now it is possible to enable encryption for JWTs generated on SeekTable side + force strong signing/encryption algorithms + enable storing of 'access key' hashes (see security best practices for more details).
  • Report builder: ability to choose what measure(s) to use on chart in case multiple values (click on icon for Values).
  • Horizontal bar charts: use up to 30% of the chart width for the y-axis labels if needed.
2020 October 20
  • Report builder: now it is possible to choose multiple dimensions/measures from the list at once (hold CTRL + click).
  • Left menu: fixed issue with auto-scroll when cube has many-many reports.
  • Charts: better layout of labels on X-axis (when not enough space).
  • Drill-down: show dimensions with the same prefix as in report first (useful for drill-down by hierarchies like year/month/day).
  • More relevant error message when UI session expires (= web app page was opened more than 24h ago).
  • SeekTable web API: added ability to specify report parameters in the query string (works only if user has "Advanced publishing" subscription).
  • Reporting engine (PivotData Microservice) v.1.6.6 bugfixes.
2020 August 17
  • SQL connector: now Snowflake is supported as a data source.
  • Cube config form: added ability to expand/collapse "Dimensions"/"Measures"/"Parameters" sections (usability).
  • Flat table report: now numbers/dates are exported to Excel with correct data types (not just string).
2020 July 08
  • Now it is possible to embed 'app view' in a secure way.
  • Report builder: now you can choose the same measure twice + apply modifiers (percentage/difference/heatmap) separately for each measure in the report (use "gear" icon).
  • Report parameters: now it is possible to check in "Expression" what dimensions/measures used in the report (useful for conditional SQL generation).
  • Search-driven analytics: now search interface ("Ask Data") can be enabled for DB-based cubes.
  • SMTP setup: added advanced options TrustCertificate, AllowLegacySsl, SocketOptions
2020 May 19
  • Team Sharing: added "Share all reports" for cube access rule (no need to share each report separately).
  • Hotfix for dependent dropdowns in published reports (items are not loaded)
2020 May 05
  • UI localization: added ability to translate (or customize) interface labels (except "cube config form" and "admin" section). This capability is available only for installations with white-label mode subscription.
  • Lists of cubes/reports: custom order can be set with drag-and-drop
  • Report parameters: now it is possible to configure "Dropdown (Dynamic)" which items depend on another parameter value (dependend dropdowns).
  • Cube config form: now default value works for multivalue parameters too (separated with comma)
  • Team sharing: fixed issue with "Params" tab when both "Fields" and "Format" are hidden
  • Admin: unlocked the ability to change user's email (login)
  • fixed issue with drill-down on reports with "Last N" limit
  • layout improvements for small screens (mobiles) on some views
2020 Mar 24
  • SeekTable app now is based on .NET Core 3.1 LTS which offers better performance and uses less memory.
  • Cube Form: alternative compact view (tabs) is used for dimensions/measures/parameters if screen width < 1600px or if number of items >50. On self-hosted SeekTable it is possible to force usage of 'tabs' or 'table' view (always) with an appropriate setting.
  • Cube Form: fixed an issue with confirm dialogs (in some case form was blocked).
  • Report Builder: 'thin' scrollbar for the right-side configuration form.
  • Report Builder: fixed issue with Filter (also affects drill-down) by formatted values like month names ({0:MMM} and {0:MMMM} specifiers).
  • CSV cube: display last upload date with time part (browser's timezone) + display this timestamp in the footer of published reports.
  • Published report: fixed an issue with in-table chart legend for reports with single dimension on rows + expand/collapse is enabled.
  • Team Sharing: hide "Share to team" on 'shared' reports.
  • Team / Admin sections: make lists more usable on small screens.
  • Reporting engine updates: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.2 changes log
  • Front-end: use to latest jQuery 3.4.1, legacy jQueryUI sortable replaced with modern sortableJS (supports touch screens!).
2020 Feb 20
  • Report builder: added ability to configure custom labels/formats for dimensions/measures for the concrete report
  • Report parameters: now "Dropdown (dynamic)" can efficiently handle up to 100k (!!) items without freezes / slowness. Default limit is extended to 10,000 (can be increased on self-hosted SeekTable)
  • Report parameters: now "Dropdown (dynamic)" No-selection Text option works for multi-value parameters too
  • Chart legend (published report): fixed issue with missed colors in the table + in case of may items vertical scroll appears when legend is on the right
  • Self-hosted administration: added option to disable publish-to-web (Get Link) functionality for non-admin users
  • CSV connector: added "List Unique" and "List" measure types
  • Cube Form: fixed an issue with "Clone" (also may cause 'empty edit form' behaviour)
2020 Jan 31
  • Cube view: now dimensions that have the same Name. prefix are grouped
  • Published report: fixed issue with flat table sort change
  • Published report: added option that controls chart legend (possible positions: top, right, bottom)
  • Charts: added rendering animations
  • Report builder: now it is possible to show 'raw' DB query in case of error (only if user is an 'owner' of the cube)
  • Pivot Table: new "Format" options "Totals Row position", "Totals Column position", "Show ... group in case of limit"
  • Pivot Table: new "Limits" options "Last 50", "Last 10", "Last 5"
  • Report Parameter Dropdown (Dynamic): added option to specify custom 'no selection' item text
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Reporting engine updates: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.1 changes log
    • XMLA connector enhancements (infer schema, range filters)
    • improved performance of expand/collapse pivot tables rendering
2019 Dec 12
  • New XMLA OLAP connector for SSAS/Azure Analysis Services.
  • Flat tables: added pagination option (2 modes: prev/next and "show more")
  • Exports: added "Export All Data" option (download all report data, disregard web-view limits/pager position)
  • Backup: indent cubes/reports JSON configuration in the XML file
  • Team Sharing: fixed issue when in shared report "Apply" button is visible without tabs
  • New formatting specifiers: month number (1-12) to month name {0:MMM}/{0:MMMM}, shorten large numbers with k/M/B suffix {0:0.#|kMB}
  • Fixed UI issue with web-combo when many-many columns are selected for the report
  • White-label mode: now it is possible to change 'base' (green) color with a simple CSS rule
  • Starting from this version PivotData microservice license key can be a part of SeekTable subscriptions
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.6.0 changes log
2019 Oct 25
  • Public reports: added ability to embed reports in a secure way with JWT authorization. JWT may include report parameters for row-level security rules.
  • Public reports: added CSS-animated preloader if report rendering takes more than 300ms.
  • Usability: sync report/cube config when SeekTable is opened in several tabs (share the same login session).
  • Usability: show 'confirm overwrite' dialog on cube save if configuration was changed during edit
2019 Oct 02
  • Team sharing: added Groups to simplify management of large teams. You can create any number of user groups and configure access to cubes/reports for these groups.
  • DB cubes: added Apply pivot table filter as a condition parameter that enables translation of user-defined table filter into database query condition. This option unlocks any-level drill-down even for large databases.
  • SQL cubes: added Use "GROUP BY CUBE" option that enables totals/sub-totals calculation for custom-SQL measures (Type=FirstValue)
  • ElasticSearch: now it is possible to configure custom ES bucket or metric aggregation ("histogram", "extended_stats" etc)
  • Charts: use integer-labels for axis labels with numbers
  • Charts: if line/area/scatter axis contains a lot of labels display only some of them (by interval)
  • Public reports: more memory-efficent rendering (affects huge reports)
  • Public reports: when auto-refresh is enabled do not refresh if page is not visible (document.visibilityState is 'hidden')
  • Public reports: use webcombo instead of dropdown for parameters with Editor=Dropdown and if number of items > threshold (20 by default, configurable)
  • Public reports: warning is displayed when report parameters passed in URL are ignored because of incorrect format
  • Other minor improvements and fixes (including vertical page scroll issue)
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.5.5 changes log
2019 Jul 18
  • Added WS-Federation single sign-on (SSO) for Azure Active Directory or Azure Directory FS
  • White-label mode new settings: ability to specify custom favicon, signup button text, get started content. Now colors for charts may be customized with CSS rules (including legend colors in the table).
  • Fixed issue with CSV file upload if JWT for API is not configured
  • CSV cube: added "Variance" measure type that can be used for calculation of [sample] variance/standard deviation
  • Expressions: added math functions like Math.Round, Math.Pow, Math.Sqrt (unlocks possibility to calculate standard error by standard deviation)
  • More convinient validation of 'Dropdown (dynamic)' editor of report parameters
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
  • Reporting engine: see PivotData microservice v.1.5.3 changes log
2019 Jun 17
  • CSV connector: now it is possible to use report parameters and specify filtering expression for rows
  • Cube parameters: added ability to populate dropdown values dynamically
  • Calculated members: added Html.Raw function that accepts 2 arguments to specify different value for non-HTML exports
  • Published report: fixed UI issue with input=date (inside ST app datepicker is also replaced with native input=date that used browser's settings for date format)
  • Published report: fixed issue with incorrect chart tooltips (on mouse over)
  • Minor UI fixes and usability improvements
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.2 changes log
2019 Apr 02
  • CSV connector: now it is possible to use report parameters and specify filtering expression for rows
  • MongoDb connector: added possibility to specify custom stages (before/after $group)
  • Report parameters: added ability to choose an editor (textbox, dropdown or multivalue dropdown, checkbox) and specify custom expression to evaluate parameter value
  • White-label mode new options: "Custom Public Report CSS", "Custom Public Report footer HTML", "Custom Signup Page HTML"
  • Added API key generation that may be used with Zapier or MS Power Automate
  • Share by email: if chart is enabled it is also included into email body as image
  • When there is no saved reports for the cube SeekTable tries to suggest several reports (by date, by location etc).
  • Pivot table report type: quick links to change "expand/collapse" mode if several dimensions are selected for rows or columns.
  • Set of minor UI fixes and usability improvements
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.1 changes log
2019 Feb 22
  • New feature: expand/collapse mode for pivot tables (can be enabled in "Format" tab)
  • New feature: "show rows" in drill-down menu (appears on value-cell click in pivot tables)
  • Expressions: now Html.Raw and Html.Link are supported in pivot tables
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.5.0 changes log
2019 Feb 01
  • Added ability to enable "Clone" for CSV cubes (with variable in 'docker-compose.seektable.env')
  • Added new option for "Restore" dialog (available for self-hosted SeekTable admins): "Generate new record IDs" which restores cubes/reports with new IDs. This mode is useful for 'mass-clone' when backup is restored in the same account, or to re-create the some sample cubes in another account(s).
2019 Jan 22
  • New feature: white label mode (available only for self-hosted SeekTable with paid subscription): use your company logo/brand instead of SeekTable, hide "Generated by" and "Powered by" notices in app/exports/shared reports, hide links to website, set custom footer content for emails and PDF export, customize SeekTable app visual styles by adding your own CSS.
  • Added ability to override saved report options with 'cfg' URL parameter
  • A lot of minor improvements / bugfixes
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.4 changes log
2018 Nov 29
  • New feature: Configure Published Report form (UI for public link options)
  • New feature: Backup cubes/reports configuration (XML) that can be restored by self-hosted admin
  • Fix: filter autcomplete positioning issue
  • Expressions: added Html.SetReportParameters function (sets report parameter(s) on click), Html.Link and Html.Raw (for 'flat table' reports only)
  • Public report: when parameters are changed this is reflected in URL, browser back can be used as 'undo'
  • ElasticSearch data source: now parameters are supported and may be used in special filtering condition
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.3 changes
2018 Oct 23
  • New feature: self-hosted administration (available only for self-hosted SeekTable with paid subscription)
  • New feature: team sharing when cubes/reports may be shared to other SeekTable users with access control (paid subscription)
  • New feature: advanced publishing/embedding options for reports published to web (paid subscription)
  • New data source: Oracle
  • Flat tables optimization: supported up to 50k rows, this limit can be increased in self-hosted SeekTable
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.1 changes
  • SeekTable web application migrated to .NET Core 2.1 (better performance and stability)
  • Now report parameters may be specified in public report URLs (reports published to web)
  • A lot of minor enhancements and bugfixes
  • Reporting engine: PivotData microservice v.1.4.0
  • First release of docker images for self-hosted SeekTable
  • Self-hosted version offers exactly the same functionality as cloud version
  • Based on reporting engine PivotData microservice v.1.3.2