Embedded Analytics for any SaaS Platform

Integrating BI directly into your SaaS application creates a seamless experience for users: they don't need to switch between different tools or log in to a separate BI platform. Not every BI tool is suitable for this purpose because SaaS (multi-tenant) apps has own specifics:

SeekTable Embedded perfectly satisfies all these requirements:

SeekTable Embedded Integration into your SaaS app

Quick start proof-of-concept setup steps

  1. Deploy self-hosted SeekTable: any Linux server (VM) that can run docker containers is suitable. If you use AWS, it is possible to start an AWS EC2 instance with SeekTable from AWS Marketplace in a few clicks.
    Instructions: Self-hosted SeekTable setup.
  2. Create a user account on your SeekTable instance (via signup form).
  3. Connect to your database and create a test cube. For this purpose you need to know a connection string (a read-only access is recommended) and test SQL query that loads columns you need in reports. For testing purposes this could be something simple like select * from orders.
  4. Create some meaningful reports you want to display for your SaaS app users. Then publish them to web (Report→Share→Get Link), it is already possible to display these reports inside your SaaS app in an iFrame.
  5. Contact us and ask for free 14-day trial to activate a set of subscriptions needed for embedded usage scenarios.
  6. Setup secure embedding and implement JWT generation on your SaaS app side (auth token included into report's URL of iFrame's "src").
  7. Configure special report parameters in your cube to filter concrete tenant's records, and then include values for these parameters into JWT payload.
  8. Don't hesitate to contact us if something is unclear and assistance is needed!