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SQL Server connection for pivot table reports

MS SQL Server can be used as a data source with SQL-compatible database connector.

Connection String should be a valid connection string for SqlClient driver; for example:

Data Source=hostName;Database=db;User=user;Password=password;
Data Source
or Server
this setting specifies the name of the server and the SQL Server instance on the server. The port number can be specified after the server name (optional): ServerName\Instancename,portNumber.
Do not use ".", "(local)", "localhost" or LAN name as a server name; use only public IP address or domain name of the server. If you omit the instance name, the default instance is assumed.
Database specifies the name of the database in the SQL Server instance.
User SQL Server login account. It is recommended to create special user with read-only rights.
Password The password for the SQL Server account logging on.

Note: do not specify "Integrated Security", this option is irrelevant in SeekTable environment.