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Report HTML Formatting

SeekTable is a web-based BI tool and this means that you can specify custom HTML formatting in table cells. This HTML formatting is applicable for report's web view, PDF and HTML exports (including the case when a report is placed into an email body) + some functions may affect Excel export too. Technically custom HTML is configured as a calculated cube member with usage of special HTML-related functions:

Conditional formatting in tables

You can specify customized cell style (color/background color, bold/italics, font size etc) based on cell values. The following expression highlights with red measure values that below some threshold:

  1. Let's assume that Name of the measure you want to format is SumOfTotal
  2. Go to Edit Cube Configuration and add a new calculated measure:
    • Set Type = Expression
    • In Parameters click on + Value and set an expression:
      Html.SetTextColor( Html.Raw( Format("{0:#.##}", new[]{SumOfTotal}), SumOfTotal),  SumOfTotal<200 ? "red" : null)
      In a similar way, if you don't want ' want to have colors in the Excel export too:
      SumOfTotal<200 ? Html.Raw( "<span style='color:red;'>"+Html.HtmlEncode(SumOfTotal)+"</span>", SumOfTotal) : SumOfTotal
      				Then add one more parameter to declare the name of measure that is used in the expression:
    • Set Name = SumOfTotalFormatted
  3. Create a report and use SumOfTotalFormatted measure for Values. See here how it looks in the demo report.
Add HTML-formatted measure

Links and custom navigation

You can use HTML formatting for links rendering:

  1. Let's assume that the cube has company_name and company_website_url dimensions
  2. Go to Edit Cube Configuration and add new calculated dimension:
    • Set Type = Expression
    • Set Name = company_name_linked
    • In Parameters click on + Value and set an expression:
      Html.Link(company_website_url, company_name, true)
      Then add the following values to declare dimension names used in the expression:
  3. Create a report and use company_name_linked dimension
Add linked dimension

In the same way you can render <img> tag and display images in the table cells.