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Report HTML Formatting

SeekTable is a web-based tool and you can specify custom HTML formatting for table cells. This formattings is applicable for report web view, PDF and HTML exports (including the case when a report is placed into an email body). Technically HTML formatting can be configured for calculated cube members with help of special functions:

Conditional formatting in tables

You can specify customized cell style (color/background color, bold/italics, font size etc) based on cell values. The following expression highlights with red measure values that below some threshold:

  1. Let's assume that Name of the measure you want to format is SumOfTotal
  2. Go to Edit Cube Configuration and add new calculated measure:
    • Set Type = Expression
    • In Parameters click on + Value and set an expression:
      SumOfTotal<200 ? Html.Raw( "<span style='color:red;'>"+Html.HtmlEncode(SumOfTotal)+"</span>", SumOfTotal) : SumOfTotal
      Or, if you want to have colors in the Excel export too:
      Html.SetTextColor( Html.Raw( Format("{0:#.##}", new[]{SumOfTotal}), SumOfTotal),  SumOfTotal<200 ? "red" : null)
      				Then add one more parameter to declare the name of measure that is used in the expression:
    • Set Name = SumOfTotalFormatted
  3. Create a report and use SumOfTotalFormatted measure for Values
Add HTML-formatted measure

Links and custom navigation

You can use HTML formatting for links rendering:

  1. Let's assume that the cube has company_name and company_website_url dimensions
  2. Go to Edit Cube Configuration and add new calculated dimension:
    • Set Type = Expression
    • Set Name = company_name_linked
    • In Parameters click on + Value and set an expression:
      Html.Link(company_website_url, company_name, true)
      Then add the following values to declare dimension names used in the expression:
  3. Create a report and use company_name_linked dimension
Add linked dimension

In the same way you can render <img> tag and display images in the table cells.