Pricing for cloud SeekTable advanced features

Free account Generic reporting capabilities for individual usage:
  • connect to any data source supported by SeekTable (SQL databases, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, XMLA client endpoint, CSV/TSV files)
  • view shared cubes & reports
  • define formulas, custom formatting, report parameters for database-level filtering
  • create live reports: pivot tables, flat tables, charts
  • export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML
  • publish reports to web with ability to embed them with IFRAME
Team sharing Team owner role for high-powered user who configures data sources, creates reports and shares them with others. Team owner can:
  • manage team members
  • share cubes/reports to team members with access control rules
Only the user who creates and shares cubes/reports needs to have a paid subscription; viewers are usual free accounts. Number of 'viewers' in the team is not limited.
$25 / month / user
when billed annually
Advanced publishing/embedding Ability to use advanced features for reports published to web (public link view):
  • interactive report view: pagination, sort by labels/values
  • enable UI for parameters
  • enable exports (PDF, CSV, Excel etc), extend export limit for rows
  • customize report style with custom CSS rules
  • apply report parameters and refresh report from host webpage without IFRAME reload
  • auto refresh report every N minutes
Only the user who creates and publishes the reports needs to have a paid subscription. There are no limits on the number of 'viewers' (in case of enourmous traffic we'll contact you).
$25 / month / user
when billed annually
Managed dedicated server Fully isolated single-tenant installation managed by SeekTable:
  • Amazon EC2 t3.small instance is maintained by SeekTable team (initial setup, troubleshooting, upgrades, daily backups)
  • App may be binded to your own domain or 3-rd level domain like
  • Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Includes these subscriptions: "System/users admin", "PivotData Microservice license" + "Team Sharing" and "Advanced publishing" for 1 user.
  • Any extra features available for on-premise SeekTable may be enabled: white-label / UI customizations, secure embedding, dashboards etc
Starts at
$250 / month
billed annually

Looking for self-hosted SeekTable pricing? It is here.

You can easily evaluate these features with a free 14-day trial:

Team Sharing
click on "Share to team" and choose "Activate free 14-day trial".
Advanced Publishing
publish report to web and create a public link ("Get Link"), then click on "Configure"; here you can activate the trial.

Cloud account usage limitations

As any other SaaS service cloud SeekTable assumes some reasonable load produced by one user account. In some cases SeekTable can inform you that you want too much; for example, you may get "Resulting pivot table is too large" when report configuration leads to a table with more than 1,000,000 cells (this and many other limits may be increased in a self-hosted version).

Server load very depends on data sources, cubes configuration, reports configuration and the number of report viewers. In most cases heavy load can occur when you use:

If your cloud SeekTable account causes heavy load we'll contact you and ask to either re-configure your reports or move to a self-hosted SeekTable version (which runs on your own server) or a separate app instance managed by us.
Important: if you will not react on our "heavy load notice" your account may be suspended, even if you have a paid subscription.