Pricing for cloud SeekTable advanced features

Generic reporting capabilities Basic functionality:
  • connect to any data source supported by SeekTable (SQL databases, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, CSV/TSV files)
  • view shared cubes & reports
  • define formulas, custom formatting, report parameters for database-level filtering
  • create live reports: pivot tables, flat tables, charts
  • export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML
  • publish reports to web with ability to embed them with IFRAME
Team sharing Team owner role for high-powered user(s) who is creating the data and sharing it with others. Team owner can:
  • manage team members
  • share cubes/reports to team members with access control
Only user who creates and shares cubes/reports need to have a paid subscription; viewers are usual free accounts. Number of 'viewers' in the team is not limited.
$25 / month / user
when billed anually:
Advanced publishing/embedding Ability to use advanced features for reports published to web (public link view):
  • interactive report view: pagination (for pivot tables), sort by labels/values, inputs for parameters
  • enable exports (PDF, CSV, Excel etc), extend export limit for rows
  • customize styles with CSS rules
  • apply report parameters and refresh report from host webpage without IFRAME reload
  • auto refresh report every N minutes
Only user who creates and publishes the reports need to have a paid subcription. There are no any limitations on the number of 'viewers' (in case of enourmous traffic we'll contact you).
$25 / month / user
when billed anually:

You can easily evaluate these features with free 14-day trial:

Team Sharing
click on "Share to team" and choose "Activate free 14-day trial".
Advanced Publishing
publish report to web and create a public link ("Get Link"), then click on "Configure"; here you can activate the trial.

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