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Analyze survey data with pivot tables

SeekTable can be used for survey or questionnaire results analysis as it can summarize data by answers, calculate percentages, cross-tabulate and compare subgroups. Finally, it can visualize results with various charts.

You can check American Time Use Survey demo to get some examples of survey reports.

How to perform survey results analysis:

  1. Export survey data to CSV.

  2. Upload CSV file into your SeekTable account (max 50Mb compressed).

  3. Create survey reports by age, location, answers.

If survey data is too large for upload you can import it into SQL database (or MongoDb) and configure it as a data source.

Configure median measure

In survey analysis it is often to enough to get just mean (average) values; another important measure is median (or 50% quantile) which reflects a middle value.

You can configure median (or any quantile) measure in the following way:

  1. Go to cube configuration form ("Edit Configuration" on cube details view)
  2. Add new measure
  3. Choose "Quantile" type
  4. Add 1st parameter with name of CSV number column
  5. Add 2nd parameter if you want to specify quantile value (between 0.0 and 1.0). If this parameter is not specified 0.5-quantile is calculated (which is median).