This documentation page assumes that you already have a SeekTable account. Create your free account by signing up.

Zapier Integration is a cloud-based service for codeless workflows automation by end users. Their free plan for individuals can be used for reports automation with SeekTable:

  1. automatically sync CSV cube with a file stored in Google Driver/OneDrive/Dropbox. For example, this may be a dataset in Google Sheets, and with Zapier you can create a task that will refresh your reports by this dataset each time when you change it.
  2. deliver reports on schedule (daily, weekly etc) by email - or in another way: say, save report Export to cloud storage, or push it to Slack channel.

How to use SeekTable in Zaps

  1. Ensure that you're logged on Zappier, and open this link to enable SeekTable for usage in your account:
  2. Get your API key by going to Manage AccountGet API Key button in SeekTable app.
  3. Now you can choose SeekTable app and use Find a Report (exports), Upload CSV File and Share Report by Email in Zaps:
    Schedule report with Zapier
    Refresh CSV cube with Zapier

How to send a report as an email attachment

  1. Choose some trigger action as a 1-st step; for example, Schedule by Zapier.
  2. For 2-nd step use SeekTable connector's Find a Report action. Choose a report you want to attach.
  3. Choose an action that can compose an email with attachment; for example Email by Zapier or SMTP by Zapier.
  4. At the form where you can specify email fields:
    • for Body you can choose (with top-right icon) only non-binary content; for example Find a Report → Report HTML (content with inline styles). In this way you can place your report directly into email body - in the same way as it comes in Share report by email action.
    • for Attachment choose export format you want to send a attachment; for example, Find a Report → Export to PDF file.