online pivot tables SeekTable is a self-service BI tool for ad-hoc data analytics, operational & embedded reporting with live tables & charts.

SeekTable: free web BI software.
The fast and easy way to provide a secure access to the data and enable data-driven decisions in your company.

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Cohort analysis with SeekTable reports

modern business intelligence tool

  • user-friendly reports builder for pivot tables, charts, datagrids
  • quick data exploration with drill-down & expand/collapse
  • calculate percentages, differences, running totals, heatmap, top N
  • custom formula-based metrics and dimensions
  • exports to PDF, Excel / Excel PivotTable, CSV or just HTML
  • share reports with others or publish them to web
  • automate reports with Zapier or MS Flow or curl
  • create dashboards with a custom HTML layout and custom visuals*

data sources

SQL Server
Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery
CSV data


Configure published report

embedded analytics & reporting

* these capabilities are available only in the self-hosted version

what users say

  • A Hidden Gem for anyone working with Data Visualization, CSV Reports, or SQL Reports
  • Excellent BI Report Generation Tool
  • The simplest way to pivot your table
  • Great product that fills a big gap in the Industry
  • Excellent Product for Management and Daily Report Generation for Business

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