SeekTable is a simple yet powerful software for ad-hoc & operational reporting with web-based pivot tables, charts and usual tabular reports. It helps you make data-driven decisions and get valuable insights from your tabular data.

About SeekTable modern BI tool

Let's suppose you have business data - like sales, production, financial transactions, actions log, audit/survey results etc - in Excel/CSV file or database and you want to find instant answers to specific business questions like:

You can get answers on these questions in seconds simply by uploading your data file into SeekTable cloud service and create useful reports (pivot tables, charts, datagrids) with a simple web interface. No IT background needed, it is enough to understand basic pivot table concepts. Pivot tables can be a great way to explore your data - even if you're not quite sure what you're looking for yet. Configured reports may be saved, exported to PDF or Excel file (preserving the layout), shared to other SeekTable users, published to web and embedded into any web page. You can automate reports generation and deliver them on schedule.

SeekTable usage is not limited only to pivot tables: it is also good for basic charts and usual table reports as well.

Supported Data Sources

Reports based on CSV data may be refreshed by uploading newer version of the data.

When database is used as a data source you always get actual data which makes SeekTable perfect for live (operational) reports; if your dataset is too large for direct queries you may use report parameters to apply filters by indexed column(s) or use pre-aggregated data views.
Note: initial setup of DB-based cube requires some IT knowledge. In particular, you should be able to specify a connection string and enable incoming connections from SeekTable's server; in case of SQL DB you need to know how to query your data. If you're not sure how to do that you may ask your IT or DB administrator to help you.

Web Pivot Table Features

Flat Table Features

You can use flat table reports to display raw (unaggregated) records.

Sharing/Export Features

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