SeekTable Embedded Analytics & Reporting

SeekTable reports/dashboards can be embedded into any web application (including SaaS apps). This usage scenario is fully supported and SeekTable has special capabilities that make it a really good choice among other embedded BI solutions.

Built-in pivot tables for you app

Almost all business applications have a demand in tabular reports that are seamlessly integrated and look like a native part of the app. In-house development of the reporting infrastructure - especially crosstabs that display aggregated and pivoted app's data - needs a lot of time & dev resources investments; the maintenance of this code (adding missing features, fixes etc) will require significant developers attention all the time.

With SeekTable you can get reports inside your app in a few hours with these steps:

  1. Deploy a self-hosted SeekTable on your Linux server
  2. Configure your app's database as a data source / setup data model (dimensions/measures/parameters) that is needed for your reports. Depending on your application type and its specifics, this can be simply app's DB (accessed with read-only DB user credentials), or a read-only replica of the app's DB (used specially for reporting purposes), or even a specialized data warehouse optimized for OLAP-kind of queries.
  3. Create reports you want to embed: pivot tables, charts, datagrids. All connections in SeekTable are 'live'; this means that your users always get actual (near-real time) data.
  4. Publish reports to web (Share → Get Link)
  5. Embed reports into your app by placing iFrame with report's public link
  6. Secure your embeds by configuring JWT auth

It is possible to embed app view (report builder): in this way a self-service reporting capability may be provided to end-users of your app.

SeekTable report sample: pivot table analysis (drill-down)
SeekTable report sample: embedded report view with parameters
SeekTable report sample: cohort analysis
SeekTable report sample: sales comparison

Fast setup, easy maintenance & integration

Full control over report styles & custom visuals

SeekTable dashboard sample: standard widgets
SeekTable dashboard sample: custom visuals
SeekTable dashboard sample: custom chart and filter controls
SeekTable dashboard sample: funnels

Best in class exports

Report export to Excel chart
Report export to PDF
Report export to Excel (colors and formatting preserved)
Report export to Excel PivotTable

Embedded BI for multi-tenant web apps

SaaS apps have may store tenants ("customers") data differently; typical architectures are:

SeekTable can be configured to use shared data models ("cubes"), reports and dashboards for all tenants in all these cases. Technically SeekTable embedded supports multi-tenancy in this way:

  1. SaaS web app generates a JWT with payload that includes necessary information about the tenant ("tenant_id" / tenant DB schema / tenant DB server connection details). JWT may be encrypted so even sensitive things (like DB passwords) may be passed here.
  2. On SeekTable side this value (or values) is mapped to a special report parameter. Parameters are configured separately for each "cube" and may be applied differently.
  3. This report parameter can affect SQL query or cube's DB connection string to query this concrete tentant's data: apply WHERE condition based on the "tenant_id", or append database schema before table names, or resolve DB server host name in the connection string.

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